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Experience and Expertise

The world of paint spray booths is vast and making the right choice in terms of affordability, compliance, functionality, and return on investment is a tricky course to manoeuvre. There are countless design and style formats to meet the specific requirements of the end user and their finishing needs. Selecting the right retractable spray paint solution can be a difficult and confusing process.
It is important to make sure that you select a retractable paint or spray enclosure system that ‘fits’ your specific application(s) and is sized accordingly, to suit your workspace, budget and ultimately increase your productivity. Roll It Booth can help you navigate this process.

We have sales reps located across North America and are ready to serve our clients from coast to coast.
Not in Canada or the United States? With distribution around the globe, we are equipped to handle our growing number of international clients. Contact us for more information.

Let our 40 years of experience work for you

Over 40 years practice in plant safety, engineered design and fabrication experience, is what insures your investment in our Roll it Booth product. As a business firm which provides engineering, design, work systems, productions solutions and safety services to small and mid size businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, you will find Roll it Booth Retractable Enclosure Systems to be the best priced quality and durable retractable spray paint booth on offer.

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Our Story

As a custom fabrication shop that started in 1996, we were often required to paint products we fabricated. As we grew, we found ourselves frequently running an expensive overtime shift for painting that took place after the day shift had finished, to mitigate any potentially hazardous situations arising from other work being done around the paint area. We decided it would be more cost effective to have a paint booth and bought a fixed booth.

As time passed we found there were frequent spikes in demand for our services which often required us to absorb additional costs for temporary work space or job out work we didn’t have the shop space to handle. This was not only inconvenient but it also added costs to move between the temporary facility or jobbers shop. We recognized we were productively using the fixed booth only for minimally periods, based on the work requirement and that if we had a portable concept we could optimize the space more effectively and improve the overall workflow. After looking around at what the market had to offer and speaking with management at our parent company 21st Century Solutions, a plant safety compliance and engineering firm, we realized we could build something better and thus the Roll it Booth Retractable Spray Paint Booth was created. Since then, we have improved our design even more and customers who had similar problems have recognized the benefits of affordable agility, in not only freeing up valuable shop space, increasing the volume of work but being able to move the asset to facilitate painting of objects too big or heavy to move.

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Our Expert Team is Here to Help

During the discovery process, our team of highly trained experts will help you determine which Roll It Booth system will best suit your application needs. We will walk you through the custom configuration options for your retractable enclosure system system. This ensures that we minimize add-on costs while providing a state-of-the-art system for painting or spraying while also, maximizing your return on investment. Our retractable paint enclosure systems provide the end-user with a clean, contained, adaptable work area that is well lit and well ventilated and has proven to increase productivity while enhancing the finish quality.

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