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Roll It Booths are customized to fit!
Handle oversized projects in-house or in the field

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Roll It Booths are customized to fit your needs

Our flexible systems are simple, diverse and fully retractable to serve a variety industries

Roll It Booths full range of products can improve your work environment and keep you compliant while providing a safer, cleaner, healthier environment for operators and your workspace. Our retractable enclosures, Roll-It Dust Enclosure, Dust Extraction Booths Clean Room and Mixing Room can be used to remove fumes from a process such as gluing or curing and will also contain particles when cutting stone, marble or grinding composite resins. Create a custom paint booth or prep station! Whether you are in custom fabrication, furniture, woodworking, finishing, manufacturing or mining we can build a booth to suit your needs.
The possibilities are endless!


Roll it Booth Retractable Enclosure Systems allow you to do bodywork, prep or spray paint by simply pulling the enclosure over the work. With a Roll it Booth you can retract or fold back the flexible enclosure and you are ready to use the shop space for mechanical work or other applications.

Image Credit: Unsplash - Carlos Aranda

Truck and Transport Sectors

A retractable spray enclosure can be customized to fit the size and the application…truck body shops, repair shops, trailer & container spraying or sealing. Use and regain the use of the work area for truck body work or truck maintenance.

Image Credit: Unsplash - Carlos Daniel


Sized to serve! A custom sized retractable spray enclosure for motorcycle body work, paint, prep and touch up. There are flexible sizing options and a variety of air filtration choices. Great for the body shop professional as well as the restoration enthusiast.

Image Credit: Unsplash - Ondrej Trnak

Rail Sector

Handle oversized Projects whether it’s in-house or in the field. Because of our design 'Scale-ability' your retractable enclosure can be used for large projects such as rail finishing.

Image Credit: Unsplash - Daniel Abadia

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