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Roll It Booth
Custom Retractable Work Enclosures

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About Our Retractable Work Enclosures

Our flexible systems are simple, diverse and fully retractable to serve a variety industries

Roll It Booths full range of products can improve your work environment and keep you compliant while providing a safer, cleaner, healthier environment for operators and your workspace. Our retractable enclosures, Roll-It Dust Enclosure, Dust Extraction Booths Clean Room and Mixing Room can be used to remove fumes from a process such as gluing or curing and will also contain particles when cutting stone, marble or grinding composite resins. Create a custom paint booth or prep station! Whether you are in custom fabrication, furniture, woodworking, finishing, manufacturing or mining we can build a booth to suit your needs.
The possibilities are endless!

Try Our "Scale-Able" Design Option

Add length to meet future needs with our unique RIB-Scale-Able Design option. Here’s how it works:
The Roll it Booth Scale-Able Design allows you to "add-on" length to suit future requirements. For example, you have a 40 ft booth today, but a future project will require a total of 60 ft. With our RIB-Scale-Able Design option you can add-on the additional 20 ft when you need it.
A Roll it Booth grows with your business.

Concerned About Dust or Airborne Particles?

Eliminating airborne contaminates provides a better finish quality. Our Retractable Spray Paint Enclosures control the airflow through our state-of-the-art filtration systems and superior pressure seal structures. Our booths provide a superior seal in comparison to curtains, open ended booths and most metal booths. Because of this, we are able to eliminate up to 99.3% of dust particles and airborne contaminates.

Fixed vs. Retractable Work Enclosures

In general, a spray or paint booth protects your workers, building and the environment from harmful over spray and related odors or off gassing. They are used by a wide variety of industries such as: Automotive, manufacturing, heavy equipment, furniture, wood finishing, aerospace.
Paint enclosure systems provide the end-user with a clean, contained, adaptable work area; that’s well-lit and well-ventilated and has proven to increase productivity while enhancing the finish quality.
A company constantly finishing, painting, spraying or other associated types of work, would see that the volume and frequency often dictates a dedicated space. In this case, the fixed spray booth and dedicated space requirement can be cost justified.

Benefits of a Retractable System

Retractable spray paint booth systems offer some additional benefits from the more traditional fixed spray booth by providing:

Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • The ability ‘use and reuse' the same work area for spraying, painting and non spray or paint operations
  • Easy access to organize and layout work, to be finished
  • Use overhead cranes, forklifts or other material handling equipment to load or unload the work space
  • The Retractable Booth can be pulled over the laid out work for the finishing process
  • Provides a superior seal to fixed paint booths structures with curtains
  • Eliminate up to 99.3% of the dust particles and airborne contaminates for cleaner airflow
  • Easy to maintain with a periodic maintenance schedule
  • The structure retracts by 15-20% and simply folds away when not required.

    Operator Safety

  • Protect operators and building from harmful odors, over-spray and off-gassing
  • Realize a cleaner and more optimal airflow
  • Maintain a cleaner and healthier work space
  • Reduce the impact of your operation on the environment
  • Reduce clean up time between jobs for increased productivity


    Here are some key questions to help you decide if a retractable spray paint enclosure is right for your business

    • What are you painting or spraying? (It seems obvious, but different applications have different needs)
    • Do you need an Indoor or Outdoor structure?
    • How much painting do you do and how often?
    • Is space availability an issue?
    • Do you need to schedule the spray or paint functions to off-hours or do so on overtime shifts etc?
    • What are your production goals?
    • Is your existing spray painting a compliance issue?
    • Do you need to contain your paint or spray function?
    • Is it important to have a booth that meets all regulatory requirements?
    • Would you like to get the benefit from a retractable paint spray booth but have budget limitations?

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    The Roll It Booths team is with you from start to finish


    Door-to-door service, direct from our plant to you. We partner with local trades and sub contractors. We meet compliance standards by interacting with your local fire protection specialists, saving time, money and insuring local support.

    Training and Support

    One of our Installation Advisers can be with you on-site to expedite your retractable enclosure setup and provide on-site guidance. We will train your staff in how to use the Roll it Booth, store it properly and provide maintenance tips.

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