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Roll it Booths Custom Designed Work Enclosures

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Roll it Booths retractable work enclosures are configured to fit your project application needs.

Step 1: Application Requirements

  • What overall structure length is required?
  • What is the overall width? (define your interior work requirements)
  • What clearances do you need? (interior & exterior)
  • How much clearance do you need for entrances and exits? (height & width of doorways)


    Step 2: Retractable Structure Configuration

  • Length: from 10ft to 100ft or longer + 48ft. or wider as required.
  • Width: from 10ft. to 50ft or wider
  • Height: from 8ft. to 30ft plus
  • Structure Usage: Indoor or outdoor
  • Economical Configuration: 24ft. L x 14ft. W x 9ft. H
  • All-Steel Structural Framework – Qik-Fit Assembly System with Secure Bolted Assembly
  • Tru-Trak Mobility: Rigid and Swivel Caster Wheel System with a locking feature
  • Qik-Lok Tension: 2 Point Structural Stabilization System
  • Retraction: folds back to approximately 15-20% of overall length.

  • Step 3: Roof Designs

  • Standard Flat Roof Design: Maximize interior workspace capacity and entrance clearance
  • Additional Options: Curved or peaked roof structure


    Step 4: Retractable Cover

  • Choose either a clear PVC or clear reinforced PVC cover material
  • Cover materials are heavy duty and transparent
  • We offer 4 different cover designs to maximize light and work requirements
  • Fire Retardant PVC Cover as per NFPA 701
  • The enclosure covers are either draped over the structure or hung inside the structure
  • Quick-fitting cover system to suit the chosen structural dimensions
  • 6 Trim colors to personalize your enclosure
  • Interior over-spray protector system available
  • Welding cover protection panels available

  • Step 5: Multiple Door Styles

  • Two barn style swing doors with built-in filter frames and support casters
  • Bi-Fold Door System: A sliding assembly and track with built-in filter frames and support casters
  • Drive-thru Door Systems: Enter at one end and exit out the other
  • Curtain Door System: Retractable curtain system available for select work enclosure applications.
  • Open-Face retractable booth options
  • Optional side wall door entrance system
  • The Rear Wall Section: Includes one or more – Man-door(s) & custom-sized opening to accommodate the exhaust-filter unit
  • Roll-Up Door: rope operated with filter pocket & lock system. (Available though it provides inferior functionality, compared to other door options)


    Step 6: Exhaust-Filter/Fan Unit

  • Airflow Capacity from 4,000 – 100,000+ CFM (90/100+ FPM)
  • Movable / portable exhaust-filter units as standard
  • Optional: Tow-able exhaust unit available
  • Multiple Fan Choices: from 12″ up to 60″ diameter
  • Fans AMCA & Electrical Certified
  • Includes motor start (on/off) control, safely located outside the retractable enclosure
  • Optional: VFD – Variable Frequency Drive, controls fan motor speed and airflow
  • Includes manometer gauge–monitoring filter changes
  • Standard 2 stage filtration system to capture airborne contaminants
  • 24″ Fast frame filter holders included

  • Step 7: Request a Quote. Our Team is ready to assist you!