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Roll It Booth Warranty

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Roll It Booths 24 month (2 Year) Limited Warranty

Retractable Enclosure System is Warranted against manufacturing defects through normal use, for 24 Months from date of the original purchase

Roll it Booth warrants to the original Purchaser of a Roll it Booth Retractable Spray Paint Booth, Retractable Enclosure or Retractable Work System;

  • That it will replace without charge, in the United states or Canada any part found under normal use, to be defective in materials or workmanship, for a Period of Two (2) Years from Date of Purchase

  • Warranty covers Parts Only; Purchaser is responsible for any and all labor and installation requirements or setup.

  • Roll it Booth will cover Warranty Parts Replacement Shipping Charges for the first 180 Days after Purchase. [Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs after this time period.]


    This Warranty will not apply to any Roll it Booth Retractable Spray Paint Booth, Retractable Enclosure or Retractable Work System:
    1. Which has not been operated or maintained according to specifications

    2. Which has been abused, altered in anyway, improperly maintained or misused

    3. Which has been improperly assembled and/or installed or modified for use

    4. Faulting required parts, needed for normal use and general structural maintenance

    Roll it Booth reserves the right to make improvements and/or design changes to its equipment without any obligation to previously sold, assembled or fabricated equipment and end-users.

    There is no other express warranty on the Roll it Booth Retractable Booth & Enclosure Systems and this warranty is exclusive of and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including all warranties of interchangeability and fitness for a particular purpose.

    Roll it Booth shall not be liable for loss of use, inconvenience, lost time, commercial loss or other incidental or consequential damages.